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What We Do

Medication Adherence

First of it's kind motivation-based medication adherence teaching and learning.

Prevent Inaccurate Prescriptions

Rapidly determine if prescriptions are working or not.

Automated Medication Management

Smart alerts, reminders, and notifications customized to each individual's needs. 

Full medication record per user.

Live Medication Progress & Impact Tracking

User & caregiver driven impact tracking.

Protect & Secure

Tamper-resistant material, biometric authorization; Live alerts of unauthorized access attempts.

User & Caregiver Instruction

Text, pictures, video instructions for adherence suggestions. 



SimPill is a revolutionary system aimed at improving the lives of individuals prescribed medications! Tailoring to the needs and desires of  individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Parents of individuals with ASD, and Caregivers  is the primary focus of SimPill. 


Our team strives to truly understand the needs of this community when it comes to prescription security & protection, adherence management, and independence. By utilizing ground-breaking technology, our team has developed a novel solution to provide individuals with smart capabilities related to their prescriptions, ensuring they are always protected and adhered to as prescribed. 

Our team is working hard to launch the SimPill as soon as possible. In the mean time we are conducting Community Discovery Interviews. This enables us to actually speak with the community we are trying to help and apply the lessons we learn to the system! 

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The SimPill


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